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We may have met in passing or perhaps at a special event, perhaps, you were directed or redirected to this page as the result of a web search. Whatever the circumstance may be "I am so glad that you are here." This website is a new and promising venture that I hope will serve as a medium to serve you with information about the many resources that I discover on a daily basis.

If you happen to be one of the many business people that I encounter in my daily walk as a marketing professional. This site will serve as a fine place to display and access information and graphics that will let potential customers know that your product,goods and services are existent and available.  

My show the Art of Conversationality can be viewed right here. We have our first video ready and available for you to view right now. The presentation below is with Rev. Dr. Lee Burgess Minister and Recording Artist. Other presentations will be add below.To start the presentation please click on the red arrow in the center of the video player. I thank You so much for your time and interest.


Sandra P. Wilks

Please visit here often and check for updates

I hope that you have found my conversation with Rev. Dr. Lee Burgess informative. Our next presentation will be with the new comedy sensation "Diva".

Diva is available to appear at your special event. Call 215.917.8440

Thank you very much for visiting and watching the videos we are presenting. Please come back often.

Peace and Love,


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